About Us

It is our pleasure to Welcome you to SM SAFETY.


SM SAFETY is your gateway to the full range of:


  • Flagstaffs
  • Cable Protectors – Linebacker, Guard Dog, Fastlane, Powerback & Diamondback
  • Wheel chocks – General, Mining & Aviation
  • Speed bumps
  • Car parking stops


  • WORKSAFE intrinsically safe torches
  • RESPONDER intrinsically safe torches
  • KOEHLER intrinsically safe Caplamps



SM SAFETY are the Australian representatives for CHECKERS® Industrial Products Inc, Koehler-BrightStar Inc and also a range of cordless LED caplamps.

Checkers’ Australian and New Zealand distributor for the past 25 years
Distributor for KBS for the past 17 years.

SM SAFETY is a Sydney based company providing products to General Industry, Mining, Aviation, Entertainment and Government throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

For all product enquiries call (02) 9652 0799
For all dealer/distributor enquires call (02) 9652 0799